Our Thesis

North Coast Ventures invests in highly scalable, business-to-business, SaaS ventures focused on solving big problems where:

Our membership and network can provide domain and functional expertise to help achieve superior outcomes.

And, our strong relationships with regional corporations can drive added value and lead to market-making reference customers.

Our Funds

North Coast Ventures invests out of two funds, each targeted at a specific stage along the startup journey.

Our portfolio companies benefit from the unique continuum of capital we provide as they progress.

Seed Fund

A member-driven fund that invests in early-stage startups that are in market and have initial paying customers. Learn More

Acceleration Fund

A traditional venture capital fund that invests in slightly later-stage companies that have achieved product-market fit and rapid growth. Learn More

Syndication Fund

A seed-stage venture capital fund that leverages North Coast Ventures' vast partner network, providing access to a more geographically dispersed set of startups than other NCV funds. Learn More

Seed Fund

Our Seed Fund invests in early-stage companies that have shown initial indicators of success, have a strong founding team, and have some revenue.

In addition to the capital we provide out of our Seed Fund, our portfolio companys have access to over 250 of the region’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are dedicated to helping launch early-stage ventures. Our Engaged Members add value by playing an active role in working with portfolio companies.

Are you interested in funding from NCV and fit our investment thesis? We would love to learn a little bit more about you.




  • Superstar Teams
  • Solving Big Problems
  • In the B2B Space
  • With an MVP in Market
  • And Some Initial Revenue

What to expect if you approach NCV for seed funding

  1. We pre-screen in-bound requests and meet with those companies who fit our thesis. Companies that appear to be the right fit are invited to present to our Investment Screening Committee.
  2. The Investment Screening Committee conducts a preliminary assessment and determines whether to invite a prospective company to present to the full membership.
  3. Selected companies present to the NCV membership for 10 to 15 minutes, followed by Q&A. Members vote whether to perform more extensive due diligence.
  4. A due diligence committee is assembled to meet with the company leadership, evaluate the company and market opportunity, assess prospects for success, and make an investment recommendation which is generally based on the standard NCAF term sheet.
  5. Members vote on whether to fund company.
  6. NCV closes the investment, makes the opportunity available to its members for direct sidecar investment, and, if desired by the company, seeks to syndicate the deal to partner angel groups or other investors.
  7. The NCAF investment process is designed to assess a company’s prospects for success and finalize an investment within 120 days after initial contact. Under certain circumstances, a final assessment may be delayed to address specific areas of concern.

We'd Love

To Talk If


  • Have commercial traction
  • have found product-market fit
  • have a credible roadmap
  • are hitting your milestones

Acceleration Fund

Our Acceleration Fund invests after the traditional seed stage at a point when companies have demonstrated meaningful commercial traction, and have articulated a credible plan to utilize larger amounts of capital for continued growth.

We are looking for the most promising early-stage companies throughout the Midwest – and beyond – who are proving the success of their model and on their way to scaling.

Are you out there crushing it? We want to hear from you.

Over the past 12 years, North Coast and its member investors have deployed over $60M into 57 Midwest-based companies.